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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Movies tend to romanticize workplace flings as something not that uncommon, and a recent survey suggests that affairs between co-workers is all too real.

OnePoll, a research company, conducted a survey in which 10 percent of respondents admitted to having sex with their boss. In addition, 33 percent admitted that they had sex with their supervisor in hopes of promotion at the job.

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The survey also finds that 40 percent of people have gotten involved with their co-workers. And of that bunch, 34 percent of them admitted to having affairs with engaged or married co-workers.

The survey also finds that 14 percent of employees admitted to having sex at work, with 19 percent of those who engaged in that activity admitted to being caught in the act.

The survey also finds that 44 percent of employees said they would have had a relationship with another worker.

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And the common theme around workplace romance is how messy things can get, but the survey finds that 92 percent of respondents said their satisfaction with the job improved because of their relationship, with 25 percent of the workplace relationships leading to marriage.

However, the survey showed that 60 percent of office relationships end in breakups within a year, as 17 percent of respondents eventually lost their job.

OnePoll conducted the survey by polling 2,000 people in the United States.