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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A search is on for a group of kids after a 10-year-old boy was injured when a glass bottle came flying into the window of a family van in Philadelphia.



Police are looking for a group of teens, in particular, the teen seen wearing a short sleeve black shirt with a rooster on it. He is described as a 14-16-year-old African American male, thin build, medium complexion.

Authorities have just released a surveillance video showing the group walking down Lindley Avenue in Logan last week. Police say the teen with a rooster logo shirt, throws a heavy liquor bottle at a moving van.

The bottle smashes through the front passenger window of the van hitting a 10-year-old boy right in the head. His mother was driving.

“She was very upset, you know she was crying because my son got hurt you know,” said the boy’s father.

He says his wife had just left their home.

“My wife, she take my son just tried to go to the park, for playing, for fun, and right at the corner when she turned,” the father said.

That’s when the teen threw the bottle.

While Eyewitness News was interviewing the father on Tuesday began yelling behind the camera, telling the father not to talk to us.

Eyewitness News caught the sound on camera, “Oldhead don’t speak to them,” the kids can be heard saying.

Then the teens threw rocks at the Eyewitness News team.

“These kids definitely need to be identified because if they are committing acts like this in broad daylight, they displayed a wanton disregard for public safety,” said Captain Malachi Jones. “People often times say well they are our kids, but the acts they committed could have resulted in very dire consequences.”

Anyone with any information is asked to call police at 215-686-TIPS.