MINNEAPOLIS, MN (WCCO/CBS Local) — It looks like the story of the world-famous, skyscraper-scaling raccoon has a happy ending.

The #mprraccoon first captured the hearts of millions on the internet when it started climbing the skyscraper Tuesday afternoon, eventually settling on a ledge more than 20 stories up where it spent several hours napping.

(credit: CBS)

Then around 2 a.m. Wednesday, it started climbing again, moving from window to window, until it reached the corner of the UBS Building, then the roof at around 2:30 a.m.

Shortly after 7 a.m. Wednesday, Sheila Donnelly from the law firm on the top floor of the building confirmed the raccoon has been caught by a live trap — ending the epic saga.

Donnelly was told by maintenance and security that the raccoon made it safely to the traps and is in a cage.

The adventure-turned-internet-sensation started when MPR reporters saw the raccoon trapped on an overhang near the bottom of a building near their office. Witnesses say the maintenance staff tried helping it get down by pushing a few two-by-fours in its direction. That obviously didn’t work, as raccoons apparently tend to climb when they get scared.

The fuzzy critter hopped to the roof of that building before scurrying over to the UBS Building to make its climb.