By David Spunt

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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Philadelphia police are warning residents about an uptick in ATM skimming incidents.

“Most of the groups involved in ATM skimming are eastern European organized crime groups,” said Lt. Jonathan Josey with the Philadelphia Police Department.

“It’s a problem. You’ve got to worry about everything you use your card on,” said Jeff Coleman, who had to learn the hard way.

He went to an ATM last year, put his card in and before he knew it he was robbed—by someone miles away on a computer.

“They just sit back and every swipe and get all your information. They got all my information,” said Coleman.

atm skimmers WARNING: Philadelphia Police Alerting Public About Rise In ATM Skimmers

Credit: (CBS3)

Now it’s a matter of finding the thieves. The skimming devices are placed on, or sometimes inside ATM machines and they can capture your debit or credit card number in seconds. Pin numbers are also at risk.

According to Philadelphia police statistics, in 2017 detectives recovered 13 skimming devices. Not even halfway through this year and that number is 16. Recently authorities are finding them on free-standing ATM machines inside convenience stores around the city. They would not give specific locations

“Check the card slot. The standard equipment on these machines is not going to come off. If the card reader comes off then there’s a problem. Do not use the machine!” says Josey.

Police also remind residents that when you enter your pin to use your other hand to cover it. Sometimes there are cameras that thieves can install to pick up those numbers.