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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A New Jersey woman was arrested for allegedly attempting to set an American flag on fire during Philadelphia’s Pride Parade on Sunday.

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It happened near 12th and Locust Streets, just after noon.

Police: Woman Arrested During Philly Pride Parade For Attempting To Burn American Flag

Credit: CBS3

Police say 18-year-old Ryan Segin of Woodbine, New Jersey attempted to burn the flag while in a crowd at the parade.

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She was charged with arson-attempt to commit, causing/risking a catastrophe, recklessly endangering another person and related offenses.

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There were no reported injuries.

Comments (22)
  1. Democrats are pulling stunts like this all over the country. If this doesn’t make you leave the Party, what more could it possibly take? Disgusting – all of them.

    1. STFU you crybaby snowflake. Someone burns a flag and that’s grounds for an entire political party to dissolve? GTFO out of here with that. As if the shameless party of bigotry, war, white supremacy, and corporate welfare is anything remotely close to moral and upstanding.

  2. Next time she needs to wrap herself in it before letting it on fire.

  3. The gang of LG.BTK.Qeerz are all stage 4 terminal TDS.
    Its best to euthanize them all.

  4. Steven Reiss says:

    If Hillary had a son, she’d look like this fugley dude!

  5. Steve Hansen says:

    Why arrest her? Just go upside her head a couple times with a billy club and call it even.

  6. Stay in South Jersey, Ryan. We have enough idiots without importing them.

  7. tngilmer says:

    Why do these ugly pigs always have unnatural colored hair?

  8. Hot pink hair. A requirement for anti-American SJW wackos. Miserable people.

  9. Funny. I didn’t see a single charge related to burning an American flag. Typical click bait.

    1. If you attempt to burn someones house down you are not charged with “Burning a house down” you are charged with arson. Use some common sense.

  10. Why don’t you ungrateful geniuses stage a march in Pakistan? Watch what they do to you even as they help you burn our flag.

  11. Hmm, that hair’s OK, but I don’t know about the crooked smile. I guess if my parents wanted a boy and named me Ryan, I’d be messed up a tad.

  12. she should consider burning that ridiculous hair-do

  13. Works for me. Free ride is over, morons. MAGA, MoFos!

  14. Harry Newman says:

    Note that she could not be charged with burning the flag, as the Supreme Court ruled that legal under the First Amendment in 1989. These other charges may just be nuisance charges, unless she actually did almost light other people on fire.

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