BROOKLYN, N.Y. (CBS Local) – A barber in Brooklyn is on the run after allegedly tossing one of his customers through a store window. Witnesses say the fight broke out after the customer complained about his haircut and allegedly refused to leave a tip.

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Ismael Dushan was at the Levels Barbershop on May 17 when he says he began to argue with the unidentified barber about trimming his beard. The stylist “was just really negative,” Dushan told the New York Daily News. The 33-year-old is reportedly a practicing Muslim and refused to allow his beard to be cut.

As Dushan walked away and threatened not to tip for the poor service, the unnamed barber shoved his customer into the shop’s front window, according to police.

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“He didn’t see the push coming,” said fellow barber Free Small. “All his body weight went through the window.”

Dushan was left a bloody mess on the Brooklyn sidewalk and needed several stitches to close the gash from his ear to his nose.

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Small and another worker at Levels claim they don’t know their colleague’s name or how to reach him. The enraged barber has been on the run since the attack. Levels employees accused the victim of threatening to leave without paying before the attack.

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“Not at all,” the 33-year-old contested. “There was no reason why I would not pay him. … Regardless, if I wasn’t going to pay him or not, you don’t hit a customer.”