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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — This week was a celebration of teachers throughout the area.

One particular group of teachers was singled out by the Philadelphia Phillies for their outstanding work.

They’re inspirational and give everything they have to their students.

jon wilson1 3 Cheers: Phillies All Star Teachers Of The Classroom

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Cheers shook the gymnasium as the Marsh Creek sixth grade center celebrated Jon Wilson as a Phillies All-Star teacher.

“I do make it my duty to get these kids to believe, yes, in themselves, build that self confidence, be able to look themselves in the mirror and dismiss any negative comments they’ve heard throughout the day from anyone else,” Wilson said.

Wilson teaches more than just math to his many students.

“Last year, I went through bullying from several people and without Mr. Wilson,” Lillian Yost, a student said. “I probably would never have gotten out of the sadness. He always made me laugh and smile and it always made me forget about anything happening outside of the classroom.”

John Humes teaches life skills at Kensington Health Sciences Academy.

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“Every time I visit his classroom, it’s amazing what’s happening in his room,” Ninet Eren, the principal, said. “Not a single beat is ever missed. There’s always something exciting and educational happening, which is a challenge because he has his students all day.”

Like many of the teachers honored Friday night by the Phillies, Humes’ lessons go beyond textbooks.

“I often tell my classroom, ‘Do teachers make mistakes?’ And in unison, ‘Yes.’ ‘And how often?’ And in unison, ‘A lot.’ ‘And am I human?’ ‘Yes.’ ‘We all make mistakes and failure is the greatest teacher ever because you learn from your mistakes.'”

If a child is lucky, a teacher or teachers has left their indelible marks on both education and self worth.

Find any successful person, and it’s pretty much a sure thing a great teacher had a hand in that success.

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In so many ways, teachers light the way for all of us.

For that, the 2018 Phillies All-Star teachers get three cheers.