By Stephanie Stahl

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A simple drop under the tongue could help with the battle against pollen-caused allergies.

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The warming weather trend is bringing with it a surge of pollen and the spring allergy season is about to hit a peak.

Tree pollen was listed as being very high on Monday and many expect it to reach extreme levels later in the week as it warms up.

Some people with allergies are turning to an experimental treatment.

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The cherry blossoms in full bloom on Kelly Drive are beautiful but with the breezy wind, pollen is getting blown everywhere.

Dr. Donald Dvorin with the Asthma Center says spring allergies are expected to be especially bad.

“Now, we’re expecting a surge in pollen in early trees, juniper, cedar and maple,” he explained.

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Most people find relief from allergy symptoms with medications or shots. For some, drops under the tongue do the trick.

“I’ve been surprised,” said Dr. Robert Eitches, an allergy expert.

Sublingual allergy drops have been growing in popularity.

“We’re trying to have more individualized medicine,” Dr. Eitches said.

Figuring out the right formula requires allergy testing.

For most people with severe allergies, shots have been the the mainstay of non-drug treatment.

With shots, you’re injected with what you’re allergic to. With drops, you place the enemy under the tongue.

“It changes the severity, by far,”Dr. Eitches said. “For some, it’s miraculous. For others, it’s better.”

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The safety and effectiveness of allergy drops are still being looked at by the FDA. They are currently only used off-label in the United States.

Stephanie Stahl