PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — It’s severe weather awareness week, and Monday’s focus is tornadoes.

One amazing weather phenomena is a fire tornado!

gettyimages 83707845 What Causes A Fire Tornado, Or Firenado, To Form?

YORBA LINDA, CA – NOVEMBER 15: A fire tornado comes close to homes during the Corona Fire on November 15, 2008 in Yorba Linda, California. Strong Santa Ana Winds are destroying hundreds of homes and charring thousands of acres around southern California. California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has declared states of emergency for the fires. (Photo by David McNew/Getty Images)

But it’s not exactly a tornado, a fire tornado, or “firenado,” has much more in common with dust devils or whirlwinds than a true tornado.

They’re sparked by a fire and are often made up of flame or ash.

A firefighter in Alabama captured a picture of a “firenado” during a woods fire on April 20th.

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