By Alicia Nieves

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A little over two months after the first-ever Eagles Championship Parade in Philadelphia, the city released what it cost to host the historic event.

Mural Honoring Super Bowl Champs Eagles Now Complete

The bill came out to be $2.27 million.

“I think it’s worth it if you’re an Eagles fan,” said Liz Mazanek of Center City.

Jen McCullough of Fairmount said, “I don’t know when the next time it is going to happen, unfortunately. I mean, it was a great year for the Eagles and hopefully, it happens again soon, but Philly deserved it; we all deserve it.”

Taxpayers, however, will have to pay more than half of $2.27 million parade price tag.

The city says Philadelphia Eagles have promised to pay $273,000, the cost for property damage repairs along the parade route.

The state is kicking in $500,000.

Mural Honoring Super Bowl Champs Eagles Now Complete

But the rest, about 1.5 million, will be on the taxpayers.

“I think it’s too much but on the same token, for us to have a championship I would do it again,” said Jeffrey Staley of West Philadelphia.

Eagles fans like Staley say the parade was more than a celebration for a sports team.

“It brought unity; it made people think about good times,” he said.

Still, others aren’t so sure it was worth millions of dollars.

“There’s other things going on that the budget could be going to,” said Golan Perry of North Philadelphia. “So, why would you spend that much money for people going up and down the street saying hooray?”

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Mayor Jim Kenney issued a statement Friday about the Super Bowl parade cost.

Kenney said, “It’s estimated that the two playoff games at the Linc prior to the Super Bowl brought in $2.3 million in additional wage and parking taxes. With that factored in, I’m comfortable that we were able to stage an enormous and nearly-flawless celebration.”