PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – It’s been a long spring, and many have dreamed about getting away and relaxing in a beach chair, breathing in the salty sea air.

The next time a trip to the beach isn’t in the cards, consider spending an afternoon in a salt cave.

“The room is full of salt and the floor is even made of salt,” said Nina Olive, co-owner of the “Salt Cave” in Doylestown.

Dig your way off Main Street and you’ll find the “Salt Cave.” A small retreat composed of 5,000 pounds of Himalayan Pink Salt said to have one large list of benefits.

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“Salt itself is a healing crystal,” Nina Olive told Eyewitness News reporter Vittoria Woodill. “Salt has been used in the medical field and holistic field for years as antibacterial and healing properties. The benefits of our salt cave is allergies, asthma, eczema, snoring, sleep apnea, Psoriasis, acne, anti-aging, sports endurance, so many things.”

It’s owned by two friends who used to travel to salt caves out of state to get their holistic fix, until they decided to open their own.

“We always preach to our daughters, women can do anything. So we thought why wait, let’ss just do it ourselves,” said Olive.

Once you’re in the salt cave, you experience 45 minutes of pure bliss and feel salt come to the rescue.