PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The incident in Philadelphia may no longer be an isolated one for Starbucks.

A video taken by a black man inside a Southern California location is also going viral on Monday night.

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Brandon Ward says he was asking for the bathroom code at the Starbucks in Torrance in January, but he was told he needed to purchase something first.

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Brandon Ward believes he was denied bathroom access at a California Starbucks due to the color of his skin. (Credit: CBS)

He says a white man then entered the store and asked for the code, and was given access without buying anything.

“This man came in here and didn’t ask to buy nothing. He actually used the bathroom. He first walked in there and walked straight to the bathroom—didn’t walk up to get no coffee, no frappe,” said Ward.

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Ward was eventually asked to leave the store by a security guard.

He believes he was treated differently because of the color of his skin.

When asked about the Torrance incident today in Philadelphia, Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson did not have a comment.