PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A partially decomposed body was found wrapped in a tarp in a lot in the Fairmount Park section of Philadelphia on Friday morning.

Police say Parks and Recreation worker Shawn Deloach found the body on Martin Luther King Drive and Black Rock Road.

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Deloach was emptying trash bins at the site when he noticed the tarp. He initially thought it was a trash bag that someone illegally dumped.

Deloach went to pick up the bag and toss it, but it was too heavy. When he looked inside he saw thousands of maggots and called police.

“Once I seen maggots, that when I backed off and called the cops,” Deloach said. “It sucks that there’s somebody out there that’s missing right now, somebody’s looking for them and they’re here. Imagine living your whole life and you got thrown out? Just thrown to the side of the street, it’s unbelievable.”

The body was so badly decomposed that police had to call a medical examiner to officially determine if it was a human body.

Police say homicide detectives are investigating because of the way the body was wrapped.

“It’s a horrifying scene, you see those bones. Until the medical examiner does what they do, we just don’t know,” said Lt. John Walker with the Philadelphia Police Department.

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Police believe the body was dumped at the site within the past two weeks.

The body has yet to be identified.