By Alexandria Hoff

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) —Walking down the street or practicing on a court in South Philly, all the optimism for the Philadelphia 76ers seems rather contagious.

“You got Ben Simmons, Joel Embiid. No one has their height and their strength but we have their post moves. We try their dribble moves, all the in and outs like that,” said Kevon Justice of South Philadelphia.

“I think we feel the winning atmosphere in the air with the Eagles, Villanova…we’re just hoping for the Sixers to do good too,” Justice said.

The region is buzzing with solidarity for the Sixers as the team that finished the regular season with 16 straight wins enters into the playoffs.

The future is looking up for the Sixers, with fans all over trusting the process.

“I’ve been so excited since the parade for the Eagles. Philly all the way

Inside the apparel store Pimp My Tee, it is yet another winning team that has earned custom gear to match.

As for the official Sixers playoff logo “Phila Unite,” which pays tribute to Ben Franklin’s 1754 political “JOIN, or DIE.” cartoon, it sold out in one day and is finally restocked.

According to Sixers Head Coach Brett Brown, these personal and whimsical connections to the community really work for the team.

“Our players are interacting with the fans and we love the Eagles. And it’s true we follow Villanova. We are just as excited as somebody walking down the street,” Brown said.

Alexandria Hoff