PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Nearly 43,000 drivers in Pennsylvania will have to find a new auto insurance before the end of the day Thursday.

That’s because Texas-based auto insurer Access Insurance, which insures 42,785 of drivers in Pennsylvania, was ruled insolvent back in March.

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The Pennsylvania Insurance Department says any driver currently enrolled in a policy with Access will have to find new coverage before 11:59 p.m. on April 12.

Insurance Commissioner Jessica Altman says drivers who had renewed their policy before the liquidation announcement will receive full refunds.

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“Pre-paid premiums will be refunded to policyholders as soon as practical. Policyholders do not need to take any action to receive refunds,” Altman said.

Policyholders with questions can contact the Special Deputy Receiver at, or by calling 512-478-6000. You can also contact the Pennsylvania Insurance Department Consumer Services Bureau at 1-877-881-6388, or visit