By Vittoria Woodill

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) —Students at the University of Pennsylvania are preparing for a competition this weekend but this isn’t about sports.

It’s time for UPenn students to put their knowledge of all things to the test and they’re not playing around, as they train for the 2018 Intercollegiate Quiz Bowl.

One group of Penn’s Academic Demolition team is headed to Chicago to compete in what’s dubbed as “the Super Bowl of the mind.” They will compete against 36 other teams made of the best and brightest in the nation.

“We all go there every year and fight it out non-violently…usually,” said Eric Mukherjee, a Penn-A team member, said.

But as always, the questions will be brutal.

“There’s going to be 12 or 16 rounds and every round we’ll be able to buzz in on 20 questions,” said Nitin Rao, another team member, explained. “There’s going to be four questions we know about history science 4 on literature arts and what we term thought and then those will be broken down furuther

Basically, these subjects have sub-subjects that could on forever.

So, it’s helpful that each student on the team has their specialty subject making them all eager for a buzzer showdown.

“The point of the game is because you want to show off how much you know,” Paul Lee, a team member, said.

“The beauty of it is we can’t know everything; we’re just introduced to so much and it’s incredible about how much we don’t know,” Mukherjee said.

Vittoria Woodill