By Anita Oh

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — For plenty of Phillies fans, Opening Day is a tradition that will never get old.

“It means a lot to me and I’m super excited to be here! It’s like awesome to just be at the Phillies- let’s go,” exclaimed eleven-year-old Sam Becker.

Still, the team has made sure it continues to innovate, and on Thursday, it unveiled a brand new family-friendly interactive space called “The Yard.”

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“We started last July and to watch it go from paper to this is really exciting,” said David Buck, Executive Vice President pd the Phillies. “We have four areas with the wiffle ball, the speed pitch, the hot dog launcher like the Phanatic does, and a 29-foot climbing wall.”

The first to step onto the freshly minted Citizens Bank Phan Field: 12-year-old Ben Buerck of New Jersey.

“It was fun and to know I was the first one on the field is something I’ll remember when I come back for plenty more games,” he said.

Fans aren’t doubting the Phillies, either!

“They’re going to win the World Series,” said 14-year-old Emma Becker.

Eagles head coach Doug Pederson took the field holding the Lombardi trophy and threw out the first pitch ahead of the matchup with the Miami Marlins.

The crowd went wild and felt it was a good luck charm for the upcoming baseball season.

“The Eagles did great, Villanova won, Flyers and Sixers are doing well, now it’s our turn,” said Buck.