By Stephanie Ballesteros

WARWICKSHIRE, England (CBS) – No, it’s not a new Snapchat filter, this is an actual police sketch of a burglary suspect in England.

The sketch released by the Warwickshire Police shows a man with an unusually large “toothy” smile. The police department says the image was generated on a computer using the description provided by the victim.

Police: ‘Cartoonish’ Sketch Leads To Identity Of Theft Suspect

However, the image had many on social media cracking jokes.

Family Shares ‘Professional’ Photographer’s Hilarious Photoshop Fail 

But Warwickshire Police say they don’t mind the jokes, and hope “the attention will mean we identify the offender/bring him to justice quicker.”

Warwickshire Police say the suspect and another man, broke into a woman’s home and stole money. If you have any information on this crime, contact Crimestoppers at