PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The New York International Auto Show is underway and automakers are showing off their latest cars and some futuristic designs that could one day be seen on the street.

The next generation of vehicles is on full display: from a one-seat urban car to a new meaning for an all-terrain vehicle to a peek at what self-driving cars could look like.

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An example of the future of vehicles is Toyota’s concept car which is essentially an office on wheels. It has windows that can be used as interactive monitors and it’s equipped with autonomous technology.

Toyota’s Saul Ibarra explain that this means, “Hands off the wheel. The seats also turn in towards each other, and if you’ll notice, the floor is flat.”

While a car like this is still many years away from hitting the streets, others are ready for the road now.

Volkswagen’s 2019 Atlas Cross made its debut. A look inside featured the latest infotainment technology and a digital display.

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Ed Loh, Motortrend Editor-in-Chief, explains that the VW is just one of several models that have gone from concept to ready for production including the new Toyota Rav-4.

“What’s cool about this vehicle though is that the concept version of this debuted at the LA Auto Show and here we are a few months later at the New York Auto Show with the production model,” Loh said.

Hyundai’s high-end brand Genesis is out with the Essentia. The electric powered sports car comes with a see-through hood and a futuristic navigation display.

There’s still no word if it will ever see the inside of a dealership, but we’ll find out down the road.