By Hadas Kuznits

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Video game enthusiasts will love the newest, temporary exhibit set to open at the Franklin Institute.

Franklin Institute president and CEO Larry Dubinski says their newest exhibit, Game Masters, is about the history of video games and how they have evolved over the last five decades:

“From the time I remember as a kid walking into my first arcade to what they are now and what you can do at home with video games, it’s pretty amazing,” Dubinski said.

And he says there’s a lot you can learn from video games.

“I want folks to learn about coding, robotics and how now integral these works are into what we do everyday around the world,” Dubinski said. “Our educators will be working showing people about programming and coding, the latest in robotics and how these are fields that really are out there now.”

Dubinski says many of these applications are being used in real life innovations right now.

“I think some of the things you’ll see is what Elon Musk is doing out at SpaceX, or Jeff Bezos or what NASA is doing,” he said. “These are some of the technologies that are out there.”

The exhibit is on its way to Philadelphia from California, where it was on display.

“A partner of ours, who is based in a museum in Australia, put this exhibition together and has traveled it,” Dubinski explained, “and now it’s at its Philadelphia east coast location stop.”

Game Masters runs from Saturday, March 31 through Labor Day.