By Cleve Bryan

VILLANOVA (CBS) — After a thrilling win Friday night students at Villanova University are excited and anxious to have their men’s basketball team in the Elite 8.

I think people were just shocked honestly, it was an odd kind of quiet and everybody is already prepping for tomorrow,” says student Lauren Constant.

That trap last night really phased a little bit early but we got over the hump. I’m excited for Texas Tech,” says student Evan Gourville.

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They’re literally counting down the seconds, minutes and hours at the Davis Center on campus as students try to contain their nervous energy at making it to another Final Four in just 3 years.

I’m nervous, I’m always nervous for a Villanova basketball game. I was texting her and I was like I won’t be calm until there’s like 10 seconds left and we’re up by like four,” says student Alexis Mendes.

Tip-off for Wildcats vs Texas Tech is Sunday at 2:20 p.m. on CBS3.