PHILADELPHIA (CBS) –– In these days of relying on Siri, and spellcheck, dozens of young students across Philadelphia were showing off massive brain power this weekend at the Scripps Regional Spelling Bee.

The often forgotten skill of memorizing was key to victory at the regional spelling bee in West Philadelphia. Bureaucracy was just one of 1400 words the champ had to know.

Sixth-grader Sophia Roberto out spelled dozens of seventh and eighth graders through study and sacrifice.

“A lot of time I didn’t get to hang out with my friends or I wasn’t allowed to watch like videos,” Sophia explained.

The Philadelphia Academy Charter School student won a computer, a waist high trophy, and a shot at the national bee in Washington at the end of May.

It was all part of her plans said her mom.

“Beat the sixth graders and then beat out the seventh and eighth graders of her school, win regionals, and go to nationals and win that too,” Sophia’s mother said.

But for now the word wiz is enjoying this win and credits her family for their support.