By Kristen Johanson

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — It doesn’t look like it out there, but it is spring, and cherry blossoms have already started to bloom around Philadelphia.

It’s an annual sign of spring. Scattered throughout Fairmount Park, and along Kelly Drive, cherry blossoms pop from their branches.

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“The blossoms that are covered with snow on the trees now depends on how long the snow stays on them,” said Sally McCabe, Associate Director of Community Education with the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society.

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She says it’s not the cold, but the weight of the snow that poses a threat to the precious petals.

“Because as the flowers are budding out, they have more surface area. The bigger they are, the more snow they can hold, the more weight they accumulate, and that can break the flowers off, and that can break the branches off,” explained McCabe.

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Overall, though, she says the trees will recover.