By Alexandria Hoff

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Following in the footsteps of their daughters who held multiple protests last week, over 100 parents of Padua Academy students in Wilmington turned out for a meeting to discuss options following the sudden firing of their beloved school Principal Cindy Mann.

“The abruptness of her termination is just upsetting to everybody,” said parent, Jennifer Papillo.

At the Thursday meeting, Mann’s daughter read a letter penned by the now former Principal:

“For the past two years, I, along with the Board have faced a giant. A giant that has turned blind eyes and deaf ears to our school’s problems and our girl’s futures,” she said speaking on behalf of Cindy Mann.

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That giant is the Archdiocese of Wilmington.

According to Mann’s Attorney, Thomas Neuberger, the firing came down to her disapproval over an order to move money away from the school to help fund the St. Anthony’s Parish.

“The school was intended for all girls in the Christian community and was not intended to be a cash cow for St. Anthony’s,” said Neuberger.

The Catholic Diocese of Wilmington states this week that they have attempted to meet with Mrs. Mann to discuss reconciliation but that the invitation was declined by Mann due to pending litigation.

That is, a gender discrimination lawsuit according to her attorney.

“She was a strong role model for strong young women and they can’t deal with that,” said Neuberger.

But not all parents who attended the meeting pointed fingers at the Diocese and bishop.

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“God Bless him,” said “I pray for him. I just think it’s time for Padua to move on.”

When Mann’s attorney was asked about what it would take for his client to get her job back he responded, “A Miracle.”

Neuberger added that if the Diocese wants to speak with Mann they will have to speak with him first.