By Rich Zeoli

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Pennsylvania Republican gubernatorial candidate Laura Ellsworth went on The Rich Zeoli Show on 1210am WPHT on Thursday.

Ellsworth was asked about selling the The Pennsylvania Spirits Program and getting it out of the government’s hands completely.

“I think the government shouldn’t be in the liquor business. I think we will get better service and better selection for people who use that system,” she said.

Ellsworth continued about how it would make fiscal sense as well.

“We can also use those proceeds to pay down those pensions, make them more secure for the people that have been devoting their lives to public service.”

She continued, “We want our property taxes to come down. And that story, and how it all fits together, needs to be told by the governor.”

Ellsworth said Gov. Wolf “has never told that story in a way that makes sense to the voters who are the ones who deserve to be able to make the decision on how we handle that issue.”

On the subject of rising property taxes in Pennsylvania, Ellsworth said, “Property taxes are going up, because we had to put increasing dollars into the pension to make up for the money that was pulled out of it irresponsibly over the last decade.”