PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation lifted restrictions from several interstates as of 4 p.m., but left others in place.

The overall ban on commercial vehicles was lifted from:

  • Interstate 70, from the Maryland line to the Turnpike.
  • Interstate 84 (westbound only, entire length)

The commercial ban remains on:

  • Interstate 83 (entire length)
  • Interstate 84 (eastbound, entire length)
  • Interstate 78 (entire length)
  • Interstate 380 (entire length)

Interstate 84 in New York and Interstates 78 and 80 in New Jersey remain restricted due to forecasts of continued heavy snow.

PennDOT’s and the PA Turnpike’s other ban on empty straight CDL-weighted trucks, tractors hauling double trailers, tractors hauling empty trailers, trailers pulled by passenger vehicles, pick-up trucks, motorcycles and recreational vehicles, or RVs, was lifted from:

  • Interstate 79 from the Turnpike to Interstate 80.
  • Interstate 99 (entire length)
  • Interstate 76, the East-West Turnpike mainline, between the Ohio line and the Breezewood Interchange

The ban on these latter categories remains on:

  • Interstate 76, the Schuylkill Expressway and the East-West Turnpike mainline from Breezewood east to and Valley Forge.
  • Interstates 276 and 476, a portion of the mainline Turnpike between Valley Forge and the Delaware River Bridge in southeastern Pennsylvania and the entire Northeastern Extension.
  • Interstate 476 between the Turnpike and Interstate 95.
  • Interstate 676 (entire length)
  • Interstate 176 (entire length)
  • Interstate 95 (entire length)
  • Interstate 78 (entire length)
  • Interstate 80 from the New Jersey line to the junction with Interstate 81.
  • Interstate 81 from the Maryland line to the junction with Interstate 80.