PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A Southwest Philadelphia tow company is ordered to pay thousands in restitution after being accused of illegally towing cars throughout the city.

Attorney General Josh Shapiro announced on Monday that an investigation revealed that George Smith Towing, owned by Anthony D’Angelo, violated Pennsylvania’s Unfair Trade Practices and Consumer Protection Law, the Towing and Towing Storage Facility Standards Act, and Philadelphia’s towing ordinance.

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Shapiro said the tow company failed to accept credit cards, failed to take photographs of violations that prompted towing, and charged vehicle owners more than the lawful amount.

The 28 consumers who filed complaints against the towing company will receive full restitution as part of the $13,756 settlement.

“Parking in the city is hard enough without the threat of your car being illegally towed,” said Shapiro. “This settlement is about protecting consumers from illegal conduct – and getting them restitution. We’ll fight for every consumer who files a complaint with our office.  In this case, we’re getting each consumer full restitution after their cars were wrongly towed – $205 apiece.”

The company will also pay $5,000 in civil penalties and $3,000 for the cost of the investigation.

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Shapiro added there may be additional victims.