PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Following the aftermath of the deadly shooting at Marjory Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, gun control legislation has been put under a microscope and the conversations about how to best handle gun safety measures have been amplified.

However, even before the shooting and since the election of President Donald Trump, the gun industry has seen a steady decline in gun sales.

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WalletHub, curious about what this decline could mean, created a new study focused on observing the economic impact of gun sales across the 50 states. Then, using this data, they sought to determine which states lean most heavily on the gun industry through direct means (jobs and political contributions) and indirect means (ownership).

They found that out of the 50 states, Pennsylvania ranked 25th followed by Delaware ranking 47th and New Jersey coming in at 49th.

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New Jersey consistently ranked lowest in the following categories: fewest firearms-industry jobs per capita, lowest total firearms-industry output per capita, lowest total taxes paid by firearms industry per capita, lowest gun ownership, and fewest NICS background checks per capita.

WalletHub also had nine experts weigh in to help further develop a big picture surrounding the overall gun debate.