By Alexandria Hoff

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — It was Villanova University that brought Sheryl and Scott Reidenbach together.

“We met at Villanova undergraduate we got married at Villanova at the chapel,” said Sheryl Reidenbach.

And it is the same university that they have helped tear apart in a way.

“At the time they were tearing down and redoing the pavilions on campus that’s all we knew, that they were going to take it down,” said Scott Reidenbach.

This time last year, Villanova had been knocked out of the NCAA tournament early after falling to Wisconsin, but they were not ready to let go of the 2016 National Championship.

“I put a phone call into Villanova. I knew someone in the athletic administration office and said essentially, ‘What is your plan for the Pavilion'”, said Scott.

Built in 1985, Scott knew that the Pavilion was undergoing a $60 million renovation, which meant the former interior would have to go.

“Our thought was that if we could acquire the contents of the Pavilion, the court, the seats, the locker room contents… and our thought was that we would acquire them and really keep them in the Villanova family,” Scott said.

It was a thought that the university liked.

“We had someone queued up ready to go and they manually undid every bolt, every screw,” Sheryl proudly said.

And just like that, they bought the entire contents of the Wildcats’ 2016 National Championship Pavilion.

“We’ve done this necklace here which has basketball court inside, we make cufflinks that are the shape of a ‘V’ that has a basketball court in them,” said Sheryl .

Buyers have come out of the woodwork to buy custom pieces and somewhat random mementos.

“We have sold bathroom signs we have sold non-smoking signs. We have sold the silliest of things, but they all mean something to somebody,” Sheryl said.

The big-ticket item is a center court complete with the victorious ‘V’ and it’s bigger than you’d think. The cost for the center court is upon request.

A portion of the proceeds of all of their Nova memorabilia goes to the athletic department and basketball program.

The cost of purchasing the contents of the Pavilion cannot be disclosed due to a contract made with the school.

“When the wood is gone it will be over but our love and our passion for the school and for the team and for the university as a whole will obviously continue,” said Sheryl .

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Alexandria Hoff