PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A group of middle school students from Philadelphia are on their way to get a first-hand look at the years-long water crisis in Flint, Michigan.

Students at Mastery Gratz Prep Middle School left to Michigan Wednesday morning.

The students say they want to bring attention to clean water.

They are traveling to Flint where the city is still recovering from a water crisis after high levels of lead were detected in 2014.

“They’re still not able to drink the water out of their taps. They have filters, they have bottled water,” said Operations Manager Sonya M. Edmonds. “It’s getting better. They are saying they are able to shower and do those type of things with the water, but as far as cooking and drinking, it is far from over for them.”

The two-day service project includes a meeting with the mayor of Flint and work at a local food bank.