By Nicole Brewer

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Dog speak: it’s how we communicate with our pups.

“Definitely higher pitched, upbeat and reassuring,” said Crosby Clouse of Port Richmond.

“So, you talk to him like he’s a baby? “He is my baby,” said Austin Griffin.

According to new research, these dog parents are doing it right. Scientists at the University of York found the best way to talk to Fido is through baby talk.

“Yeah, because it gets him excited and makes you feel good, too,” said Griffin.

And while previous studies confirmed it was only true for puppies, this set of researchers used speech interaction experiments between adult dogs and humans to show the upbeat babble improves dog attention and social bonding at any age.

Dr. Carlo Siracusa at University of Pennsylvania’s School of Veterinary Medicine says the findings match what he sees in clinical practice.

“If you want to connect with your dog, you have to talk to him, give clear directions, and be happy around him. You don’t need to be the aggressive pack leader,” said Siracusa

Bonus? Life will be easier for you and him.

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