By Glen Macnow

When I was a kid, Taco Night meant my mother throwing those Ortega hard shells in the toaster oven, and slathering them with ground beef, cheese, lettuce and whatever spices came out of that plastic squeegee envelope.

Hey, I loved them.

But tacos have evolved over the years (this is assuming you leave your house and don’t just end up at Taco Bell). That old factory prefab taco shell has been replaced by homemade, usually soft corn or flour tortillas. And the ingredients have expanded to all kind of flavored beer, pork, chicken, seafood – even unlikely fits like octopus and tongue.

Terrific taquerias – big and small, upscale and humble – have sprung up from Center City to South Jersey to far suburbs like Kennett Square and West Chester. That’s not even including some amazing food truck tacos around most of the local college campuses.

My job is to find the best ones. So, after searching for, finding and sharing with you the best over the years in burgers, ribs, bacon creations, cheesesteaks, beer, Italian hoagies, food trucks, specialty sandwiches and meatballs . . . . this year the annual Food Hunt is going with the “Clash of the Tacos.”

Please join me and help find the best in the Delaware Valley, whether it comes from a fancy-napkin restaurant or your neighborhood hole-in-the-wall. I’ll be posting a review every day for the next six weeks, and giving live reviews weekly on the WIP Morning Show as well as my weekend shows with Ray Didinger.

It all leads up to the Clash of the Tacos Finals in May at Delaware Park Race Track and Casino. I’ll share more info on that as we move ahead, but you’re all invited to eat free tacos and help me decide who makes the best.

And, hey, send me your tips now. Anyplace I should be checking out? Just tweet me with your favorite at @RealGlenMacnow. I’ll be sure to stop by. This is now my mission.

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