PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The City of Philadelphia has lifted the snow emergency on Wednesday night.

Officials say residents can now park along the snow emergency route.

“Cars left on Snow Emergency routes between 8 a.m. through 9 p.m. today were likely relocated. If your car was moved, call 215-686-SNOW to find it. Do not call 911,” said city officials.

PARKING: The Philadelphia Parking Authority will honor its $5 per day rate for cars parked in Center City garages prior to 9 p.m. Any cars parked after 9 p.m. are back to regular rates.

GOVERNMENT OFFICES: All City of Philadelphia municipal government offices will open during normal business hours on Thursday, March 8. The courts will also be open.

SNOW REMOVAL: Even though the snow emergency has been lifted, snow removal operations are ongoing.

“While the city’s primary roads are generally passable, plows are still being used to widen them. Secondary, tertiary and residential streets will be the main focus of current plowing,” officials said.

TRASH COLLECTION: Residents whose trash is normally picked up Wednesday, will have their trash collected Thursday.  Thursday’s pickups will be made Friday; Friday’s pickups will be made Saturday.