PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — As our area was hit with yet another Nor’easter, some Philadelphians were taking full advantage of the snow day.

Nine-year-old Beckett, his mother, brother and dogs were enjoying the snowy day at Lemon Hill, in Fairmount, Wednesday.

“It’s very cold out here, very slushy,” he explained.

But their method of sledding out was pretty unique.

“I don’t think many people actually do dog sledding!”

But you do.

“Yeah, we looked it up,” he replied. “You can like buy a dig harness for sledding.”

So you are putting your dogs to work today, huh?

“Yeah, I’m pretty sure they like it because they like running, actually and they get treats for sledding with us,” he said.

Beckett’s mom Megan was the holder of the treats, and she would give the signals to have the dogs run to her.

What’s it like to watch them?

“It’s fun,” she said. “It’s really fun.”

What’s the funniest moment?

“Probably when they fall out, it’s good,” she said laughing.

Are you really for Spring, yet?

“Yes, totally!”