By Pat Loeb

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The three Republican candidates for Pennsylvania governor squared off in a Chamber of Commerce-sponsored debate at the Constitution Center, Tuesday.

The hour was spent mostly in serious policy discussion, with the occasional descent into culture wars.

The candidates have very different styles but similar views: They oppose a shale gas tax, support school vouchers and favor reducing the size of the state legislature. But less than half an hour in, responding to a question about the Amazon bid, Paul Mango took aim at front-runner Scott Wagner with a non-sequitur about an anti-discrimination bill Wagner sponsored.

“One thing I will not do is let people by gender identity come into our girls locker rooms in schools in the name of generating business in Pennsylvania. I’m not going to advance that bill, his bill, at all,” said Mango.

Wagner clarified that’s not what his bill does. Even candidate Laura Ellsworth came to Wagner’s defense. But Wagner later shot back.

“I’ve labeled him. He’s ‘Lyin’ Paul,'” said Wagner.

The debate may have been most beneficial for Ellsworth. Terry Boyd came to watch, a fan of Wagner.”

“The lady knocked my socks off though. She is a superstar,” said Boyd.