PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — In 2018, women are still fighting to see equal opportunity and treatment as their male counterparts. However, some states perform better than others in terms of health, safety, economic and social well-being when it comes to women’s equality.

WalletHub took a look at The Best And the Worst States For Women and using 23 key indicators found that New Jersey ranks 16th out of the 50 states and District of Columbia.

The dataset used in their study examines things such as median earnings for female workers to women’s preventive health care to female homicide rate.

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In terms of health and safety, New Jersey ranked sixth overall; whereas, in regards to economic and social well-being, it ranked 18th.

The Garden State found itself in good company among Delaware, New York, Washington state, and D.C. that outranked it.

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However, Pennsylvania ranked 35th, which suggests a major need for improvement if the state would like to see higher numbers in the study for 2019.

A look at WalletHub’s 2017 study on the Best And Worst States For Women’s Equality shows a dramatic difference in slightly different categories across the board.

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