By Lauren Lipton

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – One thing we learned during the Super Bowl was how many people from around the country who used to live in Philadelphia came back here to watch the game, because for many, Philadelphia will always be home.

“At every event so many people congregate together, all they wanna know is what’s going on in Philly.”

Chill Moody is a hip hop artist born and raised in West Philadelphia and is now Philadelphia’s music ambassador and says wherever he is he finds homesick people.

“At Grammy week in Los Angeles, say we were at a bar, one corner would turn into the Philly corner or we are at a restaurant they’ll  be a Philly table. If we were at a concert all the philly people would congregate…not people that were there from philly– people that were living out in LA.”

He and Visit Philly have developed little oases outside of Philadelphia for both the homesick and the never visited before but interested in coming.

“When you walk into this building you’re in Philly. You know there’s gonna be tasty cakes on your left and cheeseteaks on your right and peanut chews and things like that. It’s like you’re in Philly when you’re here.”

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