PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — As crews work on restoring power to residents in the region, many folks are looking for alternative ways to stay warm and light their homes. County officials are concerned and reminding the public of some of the dangers.

Officials in hard hit Delaware and Montgomery counties are reminding people of the dangers of lit candles, recommending to keep them about a foot away from combustible materials like curtains.

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Carbon monoxide poisoning is also a big concern, so officials are stressing proper ventilation of generators.

“If you have a generator to place it outside you never want to run a generator indoors because you’ll have a build up of carbon monoxide,” said Tim Elbertson, the community outreach coordinator with Montgomery County Department of Public Safety.

Disaster Emergency Declared In Delaware County In Wake Of Powerful Storm

Elbertson says the use of fireplaces and gas stoves also are among concerns.

“If you haven’t taken a chance to clean out the flew or check out your fire place, firing it up now may cause some problems inside the house,” he warned. “We don’t recommend people using gas stoves to heat their homes because that can also create a build up of carbon monoxide.”

Officials advice all residents to make sure carbon monoxide detectors are in working order.