By Hadas Kuznits

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A local elementary school earns a prestigious state recycling title.

Greenfield Elementary School is the state school division champion of the 2017 Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful Recycle-Bowl.

“For a four-week period, your track your recycling,” explained school principal Dan Lazar. “In the four-week period that we calculated for the Recycle-Bowl, it was close to 12,000 pounds of recyclables.”

He says the key to successful recycling is to make it available.

“We have recycling bins in every classroom. We have huge recycling bins on every floor,” said Lazar.

And the push to recycle is reinforced by the teachers.

“Teachers will say, ‘Hey! I see somebody threw tissues in the recycling bin! Let’s not do that,'” Lazar said.

He says recycling is important to him and to the school because “We can’t afford to keep throwing stuff into the ground hoping that the next generation’s going to deal with it. We’re running out of spaces.”

He hopes his school’s Recycle-Bowl win will inspire others to do so as well.

“If Kindergarten through 8th graders can do it, you at home can do it each and every day!” said Lazar.