By Mike Dougherty

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Officials from Philadelphia’s Licenses and Inspections office are asking contractors to make sure work sites are safe ahead of the storm.

With wind gusts of up to 60 mph in the forecast, L&I says it’s important to tie down anything that might become a projectile.

In a statement, L&I commissioner David Perri says high rises under construction are especially vulnerable to things blowing out of open sides.

He says things like scaffolding, fencing, signs must be tied down, tarps properly secured so they can’t act like sails.

Home owners are also asked to inspect their property and secure anything that can blow away, like trash cans and patio furniture.

Of course, the wind can also bring down power lines. Outside DC, a tree fell on power lines causing delays on the Northeast Corridor but we’re not seeing many power problems here, yet.