By Jessica Dean

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)Earlier this week, Eyewitness News brought together a group of eight local teachers to share what they thought about school safety and what they shared was something that gives hope.

Teachers from throughout the Delaware Valley gathered at the CBS3 Studios as they talked about school safety.

You never know how an interview is going to go, much less one with eight people, on a subject as complex as how to prevent school shootings.

‘This Is Life And Death For Children’: Teachers Sound Off On School Safety

The world we live makes it easy to think it’s impossible to have a calm, thoughtful conversation under those circumstances.

But here’s what we heard over 45 minutes of back and forth:

“I respect my colleague and I know he’s well-trained.”

“There are so many sides to this and a lot to consider.”

“I agree with my colleague here about being law enforcement as well as a teacher.”

These teachers didn’t agree on everything, but they made a point to listen, to hear the other side, to respect each other.

Those small, but powerful gestures allowed for a real conversation–no yelling, no hyperbole–just thoughts and ideas.

It should come as no surprise: we learn in school how to debate, question and form answers to solve problems.

These teachers reminded us all that equation works just as well in the real world.

For that we give these eight local teachers three cheers.

In case you missed it,  the full conversation with the teachers about school safety is below: