By Melony Roy

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Twitter says if you want to improve something you have to be able to measure it.

In a series of tweets, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey addressed a number of issues that plague the platform like bots, trolls, and bullies. He also called for proposals from experts on how to measure the overall “health” of conversations on its platform.

The organization that wins the bid will have access to Twitter’s data and will be expected to put out research, products, and suggestions for how to foster healthy dialogue on the platform.

Dorsey says the network wants to take more of a proactive approach, building a systematic framework to help encourage more healthy debate, conversations, and critical thinking.

Like Facebook and Google, Twitter struggles to moderate its platform without restricting its users’ freedom of speech. Critics have accused the tech giants of becoming a hot bed for the spread of fake news, abuse, and harassment.

Proposals are due by April 13.