Kiran Saini

ATLANTA (CNN) — More than 40 percent of nonsmokers feel they should get 3-5 extra vacation days, according to a survey.

Japanese Company Awarding Six Extra Vacation Days To Workers Who Don’t Smoke

E-cigarette maker Halo surveyed over 1,000 employed Americans about how fair they feel smoke breaks really are.

Twenty-eight percent of smokers also felt that nonsmokers should be given three to five extra vacation days. However, the majority of smokers, 38 percent, didn’t think nonsmokers should be given extra vacation days at all.

The survey found that the average smoker spends roughly six days each year on smoke breaks at work. On average, Americans would give up smoking for 11 extra vacation days each year. Americans also believed companies should offer incentives for employees to quit smoking.

The survey comes after nonsmoking employees at a Japanese agency received an additional six days of paid vacation time.

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