RADNOR, Pa. (CBS) — It’s happened again as a truck slams into a train bridge in Radnor, Delaware County.

No one was injured in the mishap, but this is the fourth time a truck has hit the bridge in the span of several months.

Amtrak owns the bridge and PennDOT owns the road. PennDOT says it has increased signs and the agency is now working with town officials and police to come up with a better driver warning solution.

“It’s very much a big headache,” said driver Debbie Hohorst.

The driver involved in the crash was fine, but Wednesday’s accident marks the fourth bridge crash in less than a year.

“It’s amazing that the bridge hasn’t collapsed at this point,” said Hohorst.

“It’s a lot. We don’t want to be hit and we have a lot of low clearance bridges that don’t get hit,” said PennDOT spokesperson Brad Rudolph.

PennDOT says it has increased road signs since the first crash.

Rudolph believes this happens so frequently because drivers are distracted from using their GPS.

There are four approaches to the bridge. PennDOT says it’s working with the township and police to come up with better warning solutions.

“There are a lot of interesting devices out there,” said Rudolph. “

PennDOT suggests that drivers using truck GPS because it gives them clearance and lets them know when they’re about to approach a bridge.

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