By Jim Melwert

NORRISTOWN, Pa. (CBS) — A Republican state legislator from Montgomery County is introducing a bill that would bring so-called “red flag” gun legislation to Pennsylvania.

Under the legislation, State Representative Todd Stephens says an immediate family member or law enforcement official could ask a judge to issue what’s called an extreme risk protection order.

“Which would temporarily remove someone’s guns from them if it’s been demonstrated they are a threat to themselves or others,” Stephens explained.

Stephens says the subject of the order would get a full hearing and the chance to reclaim their guns.

“There has to be evidence that this person is a threat to themselves or others before a judge is going to go head and issue that order,” he said.

Stephens says under the law, there would be charges for anyone who makes false statements to get someone’s guns taken away.

Five states already have red-flag gun laws on the books with many others considering them following the Parkland, Florida school shooting.

Stephens says while the mass shootings get the headlines, the majority of gun deaths are suicides, which could be preventable if guns are removed.