By Natasha Brown

DOUGLASS TOWNSHIP, Pa. (CBS) —A boarding school neatly tucked away in Berks County continues to thrive after almost eight decades of existence.

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A melodic and inspirational sound can be heard in the halls of Pine Forge Academy, as the school’s choir sings gracefully.

“They’ve won numerous accolades and awards from their performances all over North America,” said Head Mistress Nicole Hughes.

The historically Black Seventh Day Adventist boarding school serves grades 9 through 12, with about 130 students from all walks of life coming from 30 states around the country.

“The kids, they take history classes but they live it; they live it in their experiences,” Hughes said.

There’s is so much history on the sprawling 574-acre campus.

Perhaps, the most historic building is the Manor House which served as a staging point during The Underground Railroad.

The 75 year old school embraces its heritage, instills pride in its students, intertwining the past with the future, all while preparing them for the world.

“Our school motto is excellence is no accident,” Hughes said.

“The legacy of the Pine Forge Academy man or woman is one that whereever you go you make a difference. For a lifetime, you make a difference.”