HARRISBURG, Pa. (CBS) — The lone Democrat who dissented in the state Supreme Court order imposing a new congressional map told Republican state senators Tuesday that the court’s majority acted in “good faith.”

As state budget hearings continued Tuesday, it was the judiciary’s turn to appear before the state Senate Appropriations Committee.

It could have been a showdown, but none of the four Democrats who voted for the new congressional map appeared.

This put Democratic Justice Max Baer in the awkward position of appearing before a Republican dominated committee and defending the court’s majority members that he disagreed with.

“I emphasize that they had a case and they decided it and they did it in good faith,” Baer said. “You disagree with them, I respect that. I actually disagreed with them, I trust you respect that.”

GOP senators on the panel contend that the high court did not follow its own instructions in drawing up its own map. Republicans have now turned to federal courts as the redistricting fight continues.