By Michelle Durham

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) —  A father of an adult daughter with autism, who noticed the shrinking services that adults with disabilities receive has teamed up with a friend to found a nonprofit dedicated to developing employment, housing and social opportunities for these folks.

Cofounder and CEO of New Avenue Foundation Jim Wurster explains why he founded this organization.

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“As a parent of a almost 30 year old daughter with autism, our whole life has been helping our daughter make it in the world,” he said.

The nonprofit helps folks with disabilities find employment, which often remains a stumbling block.

“They are typically 75 to 85 percent uneployed or underemployed,” Wurster said. “Those who are underemployed are the ones who are very intelligent with asbergers and get degrees and everything, but people don’t hire them.”

So Wurster’s organization is starting a coffee roasting business in Media in April. They are trying to find funding and space to open a coffee house to employ more people.

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“There are other ones around the country that parents have started that are very successful,” he said. “If we find the right community and have the right support, we’ll be able to do the same thing.”

And Wurster says you won’t find a more dedicated worker than someone with a disability.

“They will be there rain or shine, snow,” he said. “They like to be responsible and do their job.”

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