By Michael Cerio

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Over the past decade, alt-pop singer Lights has been a picture of ambition.

The Canadian artist has reworked and released her albums with a variety of arrangements, all while touring relentlessly and being a mom on the road to her now four-year-old daughter. However, her latest project might be her most all-encompassing and enterprising.

“I thought, it’s now or never for me to do this” explained the singer over the phone from a tour stop in Florida. “It was something I always wanted to do so I committed myself to it and said I’ll learn how to do the rest of it later.”

That something is Skin & Earth, her fourth album and her first comic book series which share the same enthusiastic concept. Interwoven together, the book and the album tell the same epic story of struggle and hope, building a world that has welcomed fans into another of the singer’s passions.

“I love comics so much. It’s such a beautiful medium and such an awesome, inclusive world. People from all walks of life have some kind of connectivity with comics and there’s such a story to tell in all these books” gushes Lights. “I thought, why doesn’t it crossover more? Why doesn’t music and comics crossover more? We need music fans in comic shops to support this amazing medium and vise versa.”

lights Interview: A New Shine For Singer Lights

Lights | Credit: Matt Barnes

It seems like mission accomplished as fans from both worlds seem to be discovering the work of Lights in new record numbers. The next step is a live marriage of the mediums as Lights tours the country with the art of Skin & Earth infused into her stage show.

“I’ve been touring for a long time. I’ve been touring for almost ten years, and this tour makes me feel like it’s the first time again” says Lights. “It’s the most fun I’ve ever had on tour. It’s the most ownership I feel like I’ve had over a vision for a tour. I get to incorporate my art, the comic, the crescendo of the story, the feeling of a cinematic experience from beginning to end.”

“I think it’s the best show I’ve ever put on, so I hope people come out and love it.”

Lights brings her show to Philadelphia at The TLA on Sunday February 25th.

You can hear our full conversation with Lights above or click here.

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