By Kristen Johanson

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Philadelphia’s top prosecutor will no longer seek jail time before conviction for those charged with what he says are low-level offenses, including prostitution.

But advocates for victims who are sex-trafficked say those offenses should be looked at, carefully.

District Attorney Larry Krasner says prosecutors will not seek cash-bail for those charged with prostitution, either selling or buying sex.

“It is a violent and vicious industry,” said Shea Rhodes, Director of Villanova’s Law Institute to Address Commercial Sexual Exploitation.

Rhodes works to change laws to protect sex-trafficking victims lured into the trade.

“I would not consider it, just on its face, a non-violent offense,” she said.

Rhodes says she applauds the effort to keep prostitutes out of prison, but it is a slippery slope when it comes to johns.

“When we look at the spectrum of individuals who are sex buyers, our very own Kensington strangler was a sex buyer, there are very violent incidents involving sex buyers, that is not uncommon,” she said.

A spokesman for Krasner says they will examine cases individually and any charge involving minors is excluded from the new policy.